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Iran Aims Mountinside Missiles at U.S Military Air Bases Blowing Up The US Congress

Iranian State television share the moments when the US capital was blown up with missiles by The International Institute who said if it is that the US warn Israel about Iran negotiation between intelligence and it was conveyed that they should consider a run the l h ted edh reported that the high-level Swiss Diplomat in Toronto was found dead after falling from the high building a president has recently hosted multiple dialogue talks between.

It is a matter of curiosity how Israel negotiations between which has improved its relations with Israel by normalizing it together it together US Capitol being blown up before the speech of the rain supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Sunday parade of US soldiers religious figures the following information is included in the analysis Strategic Research Institute defense analyst for precision targeting of the give given to the National shows the bank of of clothes clothes.

The West point point point rain rain Warhead it is understood the new development underpins concerned over in a matter of minutes minutes. how has come a satellite imagery in other information on the satellite pictures very consistently the study the target area also covers and number of military bases including a large US Air Force is it the first one that’s been developed specifically be believe it’s for their longer range missiles based on the number the number of factor a number of factors.

The silos have five fire stick walls Five All’s complimenting what is already challenging with a steep-sided valley the IRS report States the base also offers the rig the potential for increased accuracy exposition 238 238 to 240 238/242 unclear whether whether by reduction reduction of preparation time from the hours for liquids liquid operational advantages away from a reliance missiles Mr. Dempsey wrote in his report the new base was reportedly completed in December 2019.

Understood to be underground tunnels camouflage given their characteristics and protected placement introduced in 2016 was proven in January a ll o also also successfully used in Syria in 2017 the more modern desk desks appeared in 2019 in Tehran Tehran a run for their targets within scope for their targets within scope once launched the missiles have a degree in maneuverability but not enough to make them die die significantly the silos are potentially vulnerable.

Clear wire Ron had not attempted to put Shield a pause e a possibility that this could be us sophisticated subterfuge Mr. Dempsey told the potential news new Style system to repeal military Commanders with a similar structure to the regional significance significance behind of of the ariki government which is under the control lever on lever on that mediated negotiations between Saudi Arabia and had a great impact in his interview with The Rock rocky president clarified.

The first time that a rock has hosted more than one one 1 dialoged meeting between meetings are on is our neighbor we wanted to be included in the regional framework but we are also sensitive about our sovereignty to turn into a conflict Zone is trying to bring the opposition parties together in front of the political and economic recovery of a rock all o also facing Regional tensions and we see that this conflict is spreading in the region Regent weakness and conflict.

He stated that there is no Browning option was that that most of the Rockies Iraqis country with prosperity and stability emphasis on International cooperation we have a problem with which is under Isis control in Northern Syria in the in the demonstration in a Iraq in 2019 required Meraki people to decide to decide just referring to the permanent in Iraq Secretary of the Swiss Embassy in Tehran was found dead on Tuesday after falling from a high rise building where she lived in the north of the city foreign Ministry fifi set an employee at Embassy in a victim and its head Federal counsellor Ignacio said that the diplomats body was found by a quarter after an employee apartment early on Tuesday noticed.

She was missing the Swiss Embassy the cause of her fall has yet to be determined he told was was 51 the semi-official news agency reported Washington and Toronto 1979 play after the 1979 Islamic revolution Aaron’s newly emerged missile silos comments comments