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Putin Will Go Crazy When He Hears These NATO and U.S. Acted He Doesn’t Open Strait

The US Secretary of State’s visit to Ukraine statements made by the US participate in 2021 exercise 26 countries with were you praying may have to rely on the Coalition of the willing to help defend on the d a prominent Western analysts me a Putin decided to invade European NATO allies let’s talk to examine the details of this news and comment together and aggressive actions against in Boulder border is it significant border is it significant

Boulder significant Crimean platform is planet the real der the reduction the number of Russian troops is too slow so so the threat may still exist blink on good match with his Ukrainian countertop Lincoln gave the message to Ukraine that the United States will continue and advise against corruption some of the heavy equipment has withdrawn from the area what’s Russia can return to this area quickly Bosco’s aggression against Clinton set in self-defense set self defense with security set apart from the statement out Russia in a statement in Brussels stated that they will discuss is Ukraine in the past week

Total eBook said we saw a slight decrease in the number of Russian soldiers standing weapons on military equipment set restrictions in the Black Sea and life will be cautious and follow developments closely he spoke to attend bird retiring today -EU countries exercise to the exercise for the in Turkey Enter key to the exercise for the Daniel Miller the commander of the US weapon 41st field Artillery Brigade Ukrainian military Mobility project on the Pasco is defined as a strategic platform that will ensure the rapid dairy-free dispatcher military personnel and Equipment to Frosty

You by rail lamp buy real slammed vessels attached to the county of Strike Force led by the Royal Navy Navy’s carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth why do some Royal Navy store sources insisted the Black Sea deployment would go ahead other than is assisting Ukraine in other ways such as a 1.25 2015 it is unlikely to go further with Putin press I need a report to be published next month’s by researchers at the department of War 3 years of intensive including over this potentially the think-tank your intelligence believes that the next potential flash point between Moscow and known as the sea Waukee Gap in the north north south directions north-south direction that separates

The Russian Enclave Leningrad from Belarus a Baltic states given that the Russian president suggested Mr. Putin might be tempted in the near future to initiate Enclave you u Euro your intelligence. Com Euro give me a sentence that protects the military invasions one of the lessons of History the west of staging a military coup we listen to why the police polish-Lithuanian Belarus area Russia Russia pipeline to Russia to included majorities in German politics any form of 91 91 before then going to join. However Moscow has always considered the and Latvia living room in my country’s in my country’s room countries have an interview in 2015 the Russians to Primo said do you think it’s normal Russian people in the world it’s not a problem well maybe not for you but it’s a problem for me a problem for me