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Trey Gowdy Says Biden Will Force Democrats To Lose The House

Put string in R panel early tonight Harold Ford Jr for foreign Tennessee Congressman CEO of empowerment inclusion Capital senior editor at the Federalists and Trey Goody former congressman from South Carolina to look at the potential of what’s already signed and what’s proposed are you have the American Rescue plan at 1.9 trillion dollars American jobs plan 2.65 trillion dollars.

American families playing 1.8 trillion dollars do you have that would be in an environment where are the economy seems to be picking up steam thoughts on get e a s a ate give a state of the union or knit dress like this frequently something that politicians will lie or exaggerate but they’re somewhat constrained by the facts on the ground and even a Hundred Days Inn doesn’t really have a great set of facts for tonight.

I just reached President Trump’s speech last year that was a speech that was very optimistic that talks about the blue collar boom wage growth for African-Americans young people women women energy Independence factories coming back foreign policy successes successes you know if Trump was going to leave till nuclear Annihilation instead pieces breaking out all over and we were conquering on our enemies on Soleimani and and in America.

America be back for average people not for DC not for the media Elite but for average people came from a different country Just A Hundred Days Inn Inn Joe Biden has had embarrassing foreign policy gas like what we just reference with China with Russia with a r on that he he continued we’re still having children not in school the economy for people who are average American’s is not doing well it’s doing fine if your lead and he’s proposing some real economy crushing ideas and terms of dragging the economy down so unless.

He’s using a completely alternate set of facts he’s somewhat constrained by the snow just the bad news that we have in the country right now years ago Bill Clinton gave a state of the Union Address Blue Book 1996 and said the era of big government is over his speeches tonight and it may be kicking up again at the era of big government is for half for having me the era of smart and big government needs to come back.

I think every president when giving a and will say she one day when he gives us state of the union has to be positive has to lay out of vision and here’s where we are infection rates rates hospitalization rates death rates are down vaccinations are 3 million a day we’re going to be able to reopen our economy sure there’s a little friction or sold tension in the system with conspiracy theorist and others making our guns but we are making progress as we move forward we have to ensure that we are prepared for anything that comes our way I think this presents going to lay out a plan what is China or new Kobe Investments investment in find a path that not only unleashes.

The ability to create bipartisan solution but ensure that we can compete and win against any foe Pho Viet China or tonight hearing tonight Harold talks about Mindless tribal politics politics here and Democrats have so far been able to heard the cats and stay on one page as far as how did ministration sees it and what they want to get done quickly.

I wash in post Ashley Parker right so far Republicans have struggled in their attempts to vilify Biden or paint him is out of touch Big of a socialist socialist I move my Senator Ted Cruz to depict Biden as boring but radical fell flat flat think so but think so based on the reporting coming out of their Retreat in Florida but but but we just talk reasonably but actually legislate and govern as a progressive but he talks reasonably the net result is going to be he may be fine in 2 years but because it because I’m packing and the cause of this social infrastructure and the cause of cause of other initiatives hr1 he’s going to lose the house so congratulations.

I’ll bet they don’t like the house and you’re going to lose the house and whatever you want to do you’re not going to be able to do for the remainder your time in Fresno on just before covid-19 collusive economy in my lifetime that happened because Republicans focused on expanding opportunity for All Justice Reform permanent funding for historically black colleges universities for the first time ever we fought the drawback academic rebuilt our military cut taxes for Working Families in single moms like he says our best future won’t come from Washington schemes or socialist dreams it will come you with the American people tough to do a response to any state of the union or join address to Knights.

A little different in the Cove at situation that’s part of the message he’ll he’ll but instead t hottish this shh people are very in retested d interested in I think they’re excited to hear from him that kind of relates to what I was saying he has a benefit of good facts when the Republicans were running things when Trump was running things things were doing very well well well on trade with immediate Claim about Joe Biden he’s actually more divisive statistically speaking thing even Donald Trump was a polarizing figure his agenda has been a radicals radical radical moderation or something like that moderate radicalism On the Border there’s this profligate spending he thinks the country is a racist dystopic if people don’t like to hear about this and he’s governing.

As if he had majority said he clearly doesn’t have and this is a problem in the real world even if the media are doing as much to help him as they did to tear down Donald Trump quickly Harold I doubt we will hear the three words racist is still thick butt but in this speech you think it’s going to be an optimistic tone entire political career has been predicated on bringing people together fighting compromise some will argue that the first build a covered relief deal with something he did a loan which is Democrats and it probably right he campaigned on that this stupid the next phase of his presidency tree is right the next phase of his presence he’s going to pin heavily on signing compromise and what better rebuttal for the White House in that have Tim Scott and honorable decent person who’s ready to help Leeds on police accountability reform I look forward to both of speeches speeches