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Explains iOS 14.5’s Privacy Features Apple’s Craig Federighi

This is Deep in our calculus about what a good experiences for a customer and what’s healthy for the future of our industry and the future of the world wax on about how their products and save the and save the world except Tim Cook really call you Superman call you hey e for call you Hair Force One the software on your iPhone iPad or Mac federighi oversees the development of it all you got a lot of power behind app tracking transparency being released

Today in iOS 14.5 of snow have to ask to track you in a pop up like this pop-up like this I will only gave me 15 minutes to talk about am I just a voice drive my son ff my stopwatch I did not trust the Apple stopwatch app I’m going to give you 30 thirty seconds to explain would app tracking transparency it it and go app tracking transparency gives users the choice of whether they want to be tracked across apps and websites a facts affects something called the biff if a which is an identifier that iOS’s had for many years inking of out the yang about buying I don’t know Craig’s blue shirt in this shopping app the shopping your unique tracking number can you open your favorite social media app and what do you know for sure.

That that’s because the two apps shared info using the idea of a and iOS 14.5 this number isn’t automatically shared if you want to let the app share it you have to tap allow here we need to make sure both said that the user had a clear understanding that the decision and that we gave the developer an opportunity to explain themselves as to the purpose for which they were potentially asking track and and so the developer of course can present messaging even before they asked the system to a prompt the user and then they also get a little area on the panel itself to explain that they’re using this for for his any more effective ads or whatever the case may be I’ve developed like fingerprinting is a bit of cat-and-mouse game around other ways.

That an a nap might scheme to create a tracking identifier and it’s a policy issue for us to say You must not do that and so we can’t ensure the system level that they’re not tracking we can soda policy level labor NE Apple apps with the AT&T pop up no not at this time I mean there’s no Apple app or service that tracks that there’s no app that is sharing information with external data Brokers no app for service of ours that is tracking you across other vendors apps and websites.

If we ever did do something that fits the definition of of tracking we of course we have to show that prompts prompt read a quote from Steve Jobs back in 2010 and he said I believe some people want to share more data than other people do if eyry every time we the people of the internet were sort of sick of popups I don’t speak for everyone on the internet but I think most are how did you think about that your frustration with sometimes being bombarded with every website usually telling you that they’re going to track you with a big blue accept button a note and no no real choice at all we had to make it a clear choice one that had a fact and I think isn’t deep contrast to most of what see on the internet this people get today’s update and begin to launch apps.

They’ll see it at first and pretty soon this will become a bit pretty infrequent occurrence on both because some apps will stop tracking or maybe never did and the apps that you use that do track you’ll make that decision once in Lafayette and I don’t yet have a choice t of any traffic in all apps go to settings privacy tracking switch off allow apps to ask track track to track what will Craig do that’s what the industry expects the majority of people to pick to get all sorts of companies apps and social media Networks is called apples move hypocritical and anti-competitive on this road of since.

The beginning of iPhone 4 that truthfully and so we’re accustomed to initially some Panic responses from some quarters it wasn’t surprised to hear that some people were going to push back on this for the same thing we were completely confident that it’s the right thing e in d I r e company into into buying decisions do you have a sense of that I don’t know I hope that it’s it’s a value that is so so deep in US personal information can be used and abused weaponized in ways that can be really really destructive in a way that’s not at all a parent to the person.

Who might be a giving up that information years ago people were saying all privacy privacidad no one you know they’ve all every everyone’s giving up their privacy and so we just kept doing it because to us regardless of whether it was a selling point for a phone we thought it was the right thing a lot of the criticism right now about Apple is about control and that it has too much control specifically over its platforms and the App Store what’s the conversation like right now amongst other top brass at Apple about this a a real Choice in terms of what phone they want to buy.

What ecosystem they want to be a part of and and we think we’re offering people a choice to find an ecosystem I don’t know I feel like we’re making the right choices now we’re always considering the right things primarily from a customer perspective perspective so as long as we’re keeping our eye on on that North Star.

North Star I think we feel good about the course the cord in charging I’m primarily a a chord guy I have enough devices that it it works out for me with my my stacking Arrangements Tim said I believe it was a couple weeks ago that he says he won’t be at Apple for the next 10 years he will he will not stay at Apple for the next 10 years your names name is being floated I know the t would be I know that would be that would be irresponsible reality headset I don’t know anything about what you’re talking about talkin about what do you think of me me talking about but do you think it’s a pretty safe is going to be pushing hard for privacy in it has are so intimately a part of our lives and contain so much of what we’re thinking and where we we’ve been and who we’ve been with that users deserve and I need control that information abuse has can range creepy creepy.