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Will New Rules Help Curb The Spread Doctors React To Jason Kenney’s latest COVID-19 Restrictions

First and foremost to be sweeping measures or are they sleeping on behalf of the premier of your I’ll start by saying that I agree that we give him the situation that we’re in that we have no choice but to to two to pose strict measures my first reaction is that it it on first blush and I’d have to look at it on on paper it is less restrictive than we were faced with this last year in the first phase and that worries me it’s all so far less strict than the measure is used by the United Kingdom when they were in the exact same situation in December and January where they were in a similar position with the b-117 variant a massive upsurge of cases and they had to to get that under control they had a broad-based vaccination strategy in addition to pretty strict lockdown measures for stop Portal 2 thank you for that dr. Fabro eye doctor Talbot you also we’re standing by you heard about those measures are are they stiff enough it looks like like. a bra with thing maybe there’s a little bit to be desired the y get Denise

Denise tornado tonight in tonight tonight tonight announced meant is better than we expected I think closer to what we’ve been asking for which is a watch witches to watch bears do and watch there’s no confusion in terms of taking the strategy for the idea that they can Target their measures in the difference between a Target has actually pretty straightforward when you’re targeting you tell people which which things are going to remain open tell them which ones are going to be closed down close to Norwalk town you tell which is going to be open at this point that increases confusion than mine so I think it would have benefited if they have started off with lockdown lockdown and emphasized that you’re not to go out of your house indoors unless you’re doing you’re doing an essential service and essential Services include things like Health Care and getting your groceries and set check and that in your home you should not have anybody in your own fine finally that if you’re going you do need exercise you do need mental health breaks you do need to socialize people that you should do it outside and that you should supposed to leave leave that’s a lot simpler than lifting nothing lifting nothing listing the things that they get the question that will be working on until until probably tomorrow morning is

that were on Western Western R good enough to get control over the wire wires in the end it’s the virus is going to tell if these measures of success are the cases will come down down. about the whole thing hopeful things are that personal services are closing reading of it was lit restaurants and bars are only for pick up so that’s a plus leaving other places open Like Houses of worship and some Retail Services when not a c a good good idea idea schools to be closed last and because of all the obvious that they have for both kids for both kids and parents and it also creates a problem because if you have parents now have kids at home who has to work and that would include a lot of Frontline low income people low-income people they don’t have to make a choice between leaving the kids alone and suffering economic Arch on General in public health do in general and public health we say you close as soon and you do it in a way that make sure the parents can be there this doesn’t look like they make that possible you’ve been nodding your head presumably in a in agreement to the comments that dr. Talbot is making I was quickly taking notes was basically outlining to dr. Talbot’s point es me ere l were am days

over here are your thoughts on that I agree I agree completely with dr. Talbot I think the message needs to be a lot simpler and I’ll start by saying I agree we needed you know about the fact that there are restrictions and we need them I agree we need to make the much simpler stay home I agree with everything dr. David said the evidence in public health shows that we we want to protect the children there are there are unintended consequences especially for the youngest children under 10 and end and I think what I think. you did a good job explaining why in the situation that we’re in I was on call Sunday night for 16 hours on the cover unit and wow and I can tell you that it is it is people are coming in thick they’re coming in younger the fast guy Caesar full people are tired and the thought that with a crew our current caseload a 2000 pieces a day if you give that another two weeks you know another 50% increase the t ‘s a n mothing that’s something like like a you know a t I c u admissions today or over a hundred hospitalizations a day in the province everyday with

Day length of stay in hospital we cannot sustain that that is not sustainable until I agree with dr. Talbot I think the much simpler way would be to to go to the messaging from last year stay home please stay home home and make it very simple lock down everything that doesn’t need to be essential because what’s at stake is the sustainability of our help your systems. system so Mr. Kenny said and then the last thing I said I said it’s a Gamble in our current situation with unmitigated exponential growth no one has a crystal ball but the measures that we used last year in March we’re more strict than the measure is that work we’re just announce I think to my read from what I heard and we have the bearings are concerned that are by far the dominant strain now and they’re far more lily speaking ink of loll speaking alone it doesn’t seem to make sense to be using less restrictive measures now with a more transmissible virus with higher higher