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Cooking Matters Good Shepherd Food Bank Offers

Offers a program called cooking matters which provides free Hands-On cooking and nutrition classes in all of Maine’s 16 counting shows us a quick and easy dinner that goes together and under me e e ng making turkey burger macaroni ground turkey and sometimes some kind of seasoning and no salt added diced tomatoes and he’s wonderful vegetables bell pepper and onion garlic and some cheese but first we’re going to start off with the macaroni in the title I’ve already gotten all my vegetables and stuff in place so we can

I add olive oil to our to our our vegetables including our are onions and are bell peppers if you don’t have red bell pepper you can use green bell pepper yellow bell pepper whatever you like I just happened to Billy life red bell pepper to add some garlic into the pan yummy.

I love garlic do I use a little extra there but that’s three cloves of garlic one onion and one bell pepper right in the face we’re going to add we can add our turkey burger were e going to do a s we’re going to do is just a Jersey as yours is it that you heard that term Jewish until it’s brown and everything is cooked through that’s going to take about 10 minutes so I’m just going to keep kind of chopping away

Vegetables nice and golden and toasty and then we’re going to add our seasoning e are back back with our turkey and are onions and peppers and garlic bread with lots of garlic to garlic and diced tomatoes to this so that’s simply just goes into the pot juice and all don’t drain those you want everything to go in that pot next we are going to add some seasoning include a tablespoon of thyme time of this is just going to give it so much flavor a little bit of salt half a t a teaspoon of each up up and then we can add our noodles and top it with cheese she’s so from now when I moved here there is a thing called.

American chop suey chop suey and it’s basically just a lingo are whole wheat noodles were going to just get this all married together mixing in the meat and the tomatoes and the onions and peppers and that really awesome time that was a tablespoon of thyme time at the only that the only reason besides salt and pepper.

Cheese’s is low fat cheese deuced fat ass is going to get nice and melty about 3/4 of a cup three-quarters of a cup of shredded cheddar cheese we ‘re we’re going to do is put a little Miss and Heat notice and he’s everything right now at this point is cooked.

God dens goodness look at this the cheese is melted everything is heated through by oh my goodness it’s quick and easy It takes less than 30 minutes from start to finish this is your turkey burger macaroni have the right t of the recipe for that as well as some more information about cooking matters at the Good Shepherd Food Bank in the 207 section of our website our our.