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Facebook Was Right To Deplatform Trump But The Rules Did Not Apply Oversight Board Director

I want to bring it now the director of Facebook’s oversight board that we’ve been talking about Thomas Hughes for his first television interview since this decision was announced Mr. Hughes I think we have good morning thank you for being with is left ‘s start a ere hear how is this is about the oversight board not anything more than simply a 6-month punt if the decision the decision is a bright Raven surfers you know the board has found that the suspension of former.

President Trump was necessary to keep people safe at the actions of the president in incarnations just my spot and send Em constituted Em constituted a violation of the rules sea. rules an indefinite suspension to a what should be clear and consistent on transparent rules and the effects on Facebook needs to be examined.

In Japanese Indefinite suspension its rules at the same time you know the importance of the protection way Disco muses muses in Newport Beach weather muses.

Speech on violence and discrimination and discrimination s response esponse in esponse in a in a decision that came down just this morning on Facebook is seeking to avoid its responsibilities that’s the line from the decision to leave this Facebook mishandled you buy by using a n hour an arbitrary penalty Facebook did not apply apply not handle the case in a manner that was so nice yes saying to Facebook that you have penalties at the same time there was the potential host Rouge violence the door open on the on the platform do you.

Believe based on what you see in the board has seen over the last several months of deliberations here hear you believe Facebook as a partisan organization and its my apply my applying the rules that the divorce has rejected by taking on both the recommendations by making sure that it is functioning in a transparent manner that it is clear that uses find if the the enforcement actions that they may face predictable and understandable.

I think that would greatly help In Shining Light On did didn’t board didn’t clear that the initial decision for Facebook to take action against former President Trump the board wanted to take into account for example the human rights implications of what Coronavirus as well restricted self to just oard look s like looks she looks at the Y contacts she looks at The Wider context vs specifically on those posts on the 6th of January President Trump online history the decision should really focus on specific issues issue that was sufficient put l back pull back the curtain a bit then on those deliberations with an instance where most of the board game to a fairly broad consensus fairly early on and it was a matter of him logistics all the way through give us some insight the the minority the minority opinion opinion me the we don’t the board has been described as a kind of supreme court for Facebook if you will

of the independence of the board which is funded by a trust it has been painting to buy Facebook itself so why should users trust you and the rest of the board to make good independent decisions the phone ast Poltergeist temperature in Independence Poltergeist structural Independence in the bars as you pointed out there is a trust by there are insulated from now so they have a responsibility for many of them the herald Facebook all my at a of of town we’re almost out of time here Mister jiu’s but before we go I just want to ask you in your personal opinion what do you believe Facebook should do within the next six months as it relates to former President Trump in his ean I mean I will get back to the decision of the boys I think the main thing is to to look at what the board is saying you know it’s time to Facebook didn’t find the right kind of pet should be applied on how do you distribute head of that Facebook oversight board at the centre of all the news this morning in the political world and Beyond Beyond.

Thank you very much for your time and for being with us today watch ing her watching her YouTube channel you should know that you can follow us a stop stories and breaking news and catch up on