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The Future of Offshore Wind Power Development Maine Legislature Considers

Now have to decide is offshore wind power development should continue on to bills today one from fishermen to block any development the other from Governor Mills to keep one project going and give time for research center.

Maine’s Don Carrigan report it may be a tough choice for lawmaker who must decide whether main follows the question question has become an offshore wind power coexist with Maine fishing industry fishermen have clearly said no they see offshore wind power as a threat and are now looking to the legislature to help them stop it it is time to put a permanent Hall to Offshore wind development offshore wind before it starts including the plan first floating test turbine off.

Mohegan Island other fishermen telling us last month that wind turbines could do lasting damage what if it is as bad as we think it going to be going to be in it is it worth that’s that’s what we wanted is is it worth taking a chance on the Gulf of Maine for this Gulf of Maine for this this isn’t good.

The Gulf of Maine and this is not the way to address climate change fighting Play Change is the reason the Mills Administration and Environmental Group are pushing hard to test and develop offshore wind power the governor has her own bill a response to fisherman complaint to put a 10 year moratorium on new wind projects in state waters inside the three-mile limit what a bunch of the summer lobstering happens it would still allow project in federal waters and the first plan floating turbine to be built near

Mohegan when in fact we don’t believe that we can achieve means very ambitious greenhouse gas reduction goals or clean energy goals without offshore wind the fisherman’s efforts to block offshore wind she says the worries are fishermen missed the mark II to our environment including the marine environment is climate change and culturally this offshore wind windmill proposal is as bad as it gets Maine has too many environmentally friendly carbon-free Green options for energy to be pushing a destructive idea like this to find out who’s right while that debate goes on in Augusta in Augusta work continues to develop Mane’s first floating offshore wind platform

Mohegan Island the developer says he hopes to be under construction in 2 years years. Kerrigan New be of the m on of the Mohegan wind project told lawmakers Laker mate lawmakers today there’s already a push from other developers and the state of Massachusetts to put more floating wind turbines in federal waters in the of.